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About KNK Yakiniku

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Yakiniku Japanese BBQ heavily influences Korean dishes but has evolved into a Japanese favourite because of its tender Wagyu options and simple cooking methods. The popularity of yakiniku (meaning “grilled meat” in Japanese) began during a tense period in history.

Both the founders experienced awesome Japanese BBQ or ‘Yakiniku’ cuisine in Japan during their studies. This inspired them to establish the Yakiniku restaurant here in their home ground, Malaysia. The first Yakiniku restaurant was born in the year 2000 with an objective to bring the original taste and concept of Yakiniku to all Malaysians.

KNK yakiniku, the yakiniku speciality store, brings the authenticity of Yakiniku taste for the diner to experience as if they’re in Japan. The founder chooses the best wagyu from the top 3 Japanese wagyu brands which are Kobe, Matsusaka and OMI. KNK is using Omi Hime cattle and they are fed with high-quality fodder and raised in a comfortable, clean and spacious environment. To ensure diners’ confidence in the meat, the founder publicly discloses information about how cattle are fed and birth certificate of each wagyu brought in from Japan. Hime beef (princess cattle) has a smooth texture, rich flavour, balanced marbling and a distinct aroma.

Authentic Japanese BBQ Restaurant


KNK Yakiniku is a Japanese BBQ yakiniku restaurant that is located in Kuala Lumpur and Sri Hartamas. We serve authentic and high quality wagyu beef along with specialty cuts.


Everyone around the world can enjoy our yakiniku (Japanese BBQ)  & become the preferred chain group for Yakiniku Lovers.



Built up excellent team to provide customers the unique of Yakiniku culture experience.



To provide consistent quality and value to others. 



Core value



Honest and trustworthy, seeking truth from facts.


Communication and collaboration, Team make a difference.


Be optimistic and never give up.
Doing by Heart

Doing by Heart

Be conscientious and persistent


Pragmatic and professional.